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This site offers the real news from trustworthy sources and valuable insight about important issues not covered by the mainstream media. Disappointment and lack of trust in the mainstream media has many people turning to alternative sources for news to find out the truth. It's evident that big corporations are pushing their interests on to the public rather than facts..

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The Bilderberg Group: Puppet Master of World Leaders

People have been talking for years about secret groups that pull the strings and rule the world.  And  for a long  time  it  was  rumors  and crazy talk of men  having  secret meetings.  But  it  has been revealed that this  Bilderberg Group  is  . . . . Read more

A One-World Government

The Bilderberg Group has had a constellation of different political and business superstars  attend its conferences,  and many attendees enter as  little-known neophytes and leave as widely acclaimed leaders of tomorrow . . . . Read more

Population Control Bilderberg Style

A clue might be found in the food that companies believed by some to have ties with the Bilderberg Group—Heinz,  Knorr,  SlimFast  and  Best Foods,  among others—produce.  Dr.  Stanley Monteith, an expert on world food supply,  points to the vast amounts of man-made chemicals in the food supply . . . . Read more

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 The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

Alex Jones'  "The Obama Deception" is an ideal educational tool. Soon after the
film was released it became the number one most viewed video on the internet.

Fall of the Republic HQ Full length version 

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