Watch What You Eat

A clue might be found in the food that companies believed by some to have ties with the Bilderberg Group—Heinz, Knorr, SlimFast and Best Foods, among others—produce. Dr. Stanley Monteith, an expert on world food supply, points to the vast amounts of man-made chemicals in the food on our local grocery-store shelves, aspartame for example. Dr. Monteith explains: “Aspartame is a chemical made up of aspartic acid and phenylalanine. And it breaks down into formaldehyde, eventually into wood alcohol. It produces all sorts of problems, mental problems, and it impacts on literally every organ in the body. They know this, there are extensive animal studies that show this, and it never should’ve been put into our food.” The FDA, which some believe is colluding with big business, states that an average-sized person can safely metabolize the formaldehyde and other chemicals in aspartame unless he exceeds the acceptable daily intake set at approximately 21 cans of diet soda.

Even the water from our taps could be used as a weapon by the Bilderberg Group. Dr. Monteith reveals that the government “fluoridates the water in about 68% of our cities. And 90% of them use something called hydrofluorosilic acid, which is a product they get out of the chimneys of plants that produce fertilizer. Hydrofluorosilic acid is so toxic that you can’t put it into a toxic dump without paying a great deal of money. They will not allow you to put it into a river because it contaminates the river. So they put it into our drinking water to poison our people. And they know what they're doing because fluoride limits fertility, just as aspartame limits fertility. It's part of population control.”

Population control could be the best way for the Bilderberg Group to gain control of the globe—a smaller population is a more easily led population, with a reduced chance that a rebellion or revolution could thwart the aims of the Group.

The Poison in Our Veins?

Do you really know what is in a vaccine?
(Reuters/Landov)But it's not just our food that the Bilderberg Group may have thought to use as population control. Conspiracy buff Alex Jones may not have the high profile that comes with repeatedly posing nude in Playboy magazine, like noted anti-vaccine activist Jenny McCarthy, but regardless, he believes that vaccines could be the vessels through which the Group might thin the human herd. Jones says the Bilderberg Group wants “a planetary dictatorship so they can carry out their forced depopulation agenda, and they want to do it through the medical system. And that’s why vaccines are so important. We know that many of these vaccines turn out to have serious adverse reactions and this is being done by design. They kill you slowly over time. That’s why they’re called 'soft kill.'”

Jones offered no evidence of this alleged plot and the Bilderberg Group has a policy of not commenting to the press. So it’s hard to tell if Jones’s claim is mere speculation or has a basis in fact. However, Dr. Rima Laibow, a physician who actually treated a member of the Bilderberg Group and was privy to some of its darkest secrets, concurs with Jones' warnings about vaccines: “In a very short time, not today, not tomorrow, but very soon, we’ll be facing compulsory vaccination under the mistaken term of ‘voluntary vaccination.’”

Dr. Laibow points to the dangers of squalene, an organic compound used in vaccines to stimulate the immune system and increase the response: “If I inject you with squalene, your immune system will start to attack the squalene but then start attacking all of the parts of your body. What does that look like when you meet a person to whom that is happening? It looks like Gulf War Syndrome. It looks like every joint in the body is swollen and intolerably painful and immobilized.” Although studies have shown that squalene, aspartame and fluoride are harmless (except for people with rare, genetic anomalies), Dr. Laibow claims that those whom the squalene doesn't outright immobilize or kill would be rendered infertile, just as through aspartame and fluoride.

The Potential for Abuse of Power

Although proof of some of these more scandalous activities is elusive, we certainly should be wary of any organization that has such strong connections to the centers of power, operates in the shadows and gives the ordinary person no voice. Certainly, the potential for abuse of power is inherent in the membership, structure, secrecy and modus operandi of the Bilderberg Group. It is a highly select, intensely elite coterie of the masters of politics and industry. Its annual meetings are secret. There are no records kept. There are no tallies made. It is accountable to no one. And there is no way to ensure responsibility for its actions. This is an assemblage during which ideas and inventions with global ramifications are considered, and the average person has no way of ensuring that his voice is heard. Yesterday, it was a fight to force a single currency upon a continent. Tomorrow, who can say what the Bilderberg Group may want—and we have no way of finding out.

By Derek Rodriguez